Sports Massage

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage is a special deep tissue massage which aims to provide relief to exercise related aches and pains within the muscles. it can support in recovery before and or after experience. Our Physiotherapists at Physio Hub are highly trained in Sports Massages to provide you with relief after exercise.

We will discuss your aims and objectives of the massage before we begin your treatment. This ensures you have the best experience and allows the physiotherapist to perform the treatment optimally.

The benefits of a Physio Hub Sports Massages Therapy:
· Reliefs excess muscle tension.
· Improved body posture.
· Increased range of motion in muscle and joints.
· Speeds up recovery after intensive exercise.
· May support preventing future injuries.
· General mental and physical relaxation.
· Stimulates mental alertness.
· Relief from muscle ache and back pain.

Different Massages

Remedial Massage Remedial Massages are used to return the body to optimal health post injury. Typically performed to treat strains, sprains, bruising, broken bones, and other injuries where the skin is intact. Remedial massages remove blockages, scar tissue, and damaged cells after injuries to speed up recovery and encourage the body to selfheal. Additionally, this type of massage can be used for repetitive strain injury and general back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage focuses on muscles located beneath the surface muscles. Deep Tissue Massages tend to be done by those involved in heavy physical activity, athletes or someone who has physical injury. Reliefs severe tension in the muscles and on connecting tissue.

Pregnancy Massage

A massage designed for expecting mothers, sometimes called pre-natal massage. Our pregnancy massage has been shown to decrease swelling in legs and arms to relieve aches, pain and reduce stress. Massage therapy has also been found to support in reducing depression and anxiety.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage follows five different styles of strokes. The five strokes are effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, and vibration/shaking. (Sliding, Kneading, Rhythmic Tapping, Cross Fibre).


Sports massage is a specialized form of massage therapy designed to address the unique needs of athletes and individuals engaged in physical activities. While it shares some techniques with regular massage, sports massage focuses on enhancing athletic performance, preventing injuries, and promoting faster recovery. It often incorporates techniques such as deep tissue massage and stretching to target specific muscles used in sports activities.

Sports massage offers a range of benefits for athletes and active individuals. It helps improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and enhance flexibility. Additionally, sports massage can aid in the prevention of injuries by identifying and addressing areas of muscle tightness or imbalance. Post-exercise, it accelerates the recovery process by promoting the removal of metabolic waste and reducing muscle soreness.

Absolutely. While sports massage is tailored for athletes, it can benefit individuals of all activity levels. For those with sedentary lifestyles, it helps alleviate tension caused by prolonged sitting and promotes general relaxation. The techniques used in sports massage can be adapted to address the specific needs and concerns of individuals, making it a versatile and effective therapy for a wide range of clients.

The frequency of sports massage depends on individual needs, activity levels, and training intensity. For some, regular sessions may be beneficial to maintain optimal muscle function and prevent injuries. It can be particularly beneficial when incorporated into a pre-event or post-event routine. Pre-event sports massage can help prepare muscles for activity, while post-event sessions aid in recovery by reducing muscle soreness and promoting relaxation. Tailoring the frequency and timing of sports massage to individual circumstances ensures the best results.