PhysioHub is a team of dedicated and experienced healthcare professionals based in Bayside, Sutton. We believe in the power that a tailored exercise programme and quality education and care can have on your rehabilitation journey. We value the trust that our patients place in us and enjoy collaborating with them and their multi-disciplinary team to achieve their specific goals during times of injury, pain or dysfunction.

Evidence-based practice is a must for us; that is why we do our utmost to use the most up to date research to ensure a high standard of care for all.

A major cause for falls in the older population is poor bone health which can slo lead to deaths or injuries at home. However proper physiotherapy-led training can modify the risks and causative factors that come into play with falls. Assessing bone health along with falls assessments can make usre that elderly patients especially those woth osteoporosis can be earmarked and recieve appropriate care. An assessment of bone health alongside a falls assessment can ensure older patients who may have osteoporosis can be identified and receive appropriate treatment to reduce their risk of osteoporosis or fragility fracture following a fall.

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Falls can result from various factors, including muscle weakness, balance issues, gait abnormalities, or underlying medical conditions. If you've experienced a fall, feel unsteady on your feet, or have concerns about your balance and mobility, it's advisable to consider physiotherapy. Seeking intervention can help identify the factors contributing to falls, address them, and implement strategies to improve overall balance and prevent future incidents.

Physiotherapy for falls involves a comprehensive assessment of your balance, gait, and muscle strength. Treatment may include exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as balance training and gait exercises. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a personalized plan to enhance stability and reduce the risk of falls. Each session is designed to address your specific needs and challenges.

Yes, age-related changes such as muscle weakness and changes in balance can contribute to falls. Physiotherapy specifically tailors interventions to address these factors. Treatment may involve targeted exercises to improve muscle strength, balance training, and strategies to enhance overall mobility. Physiotherapists collaborate with individuals to implement lifestyle modifications that reduce fall risk.

Physiotherapy is not only for treating the aftermath of falls but is crucial for fall prevention. Physiotherapists develop proactive plans to enhance strength, balance, and coordination, reducing the risk of future falls. Through a combination of exercises, education, and strategies, physiotherapy aims to empower individuals to maintain their independence and prevent falls in the long term.