Exercise Physiology

What is Exercise Physiology?

Put simply exercise physiology is measured by your bodys' response to physical exertion. And these can include changes in your vital organs like heart, lungs and muscles, all the way down to a cellular level change.

Traced all the way back to the Greeks, Hippocrates to be specific; it was recommended that you exercise regularly in order to maintain your health.

Broadly speaking there are two routes when it comes to exercise physiology, sports and clinical.
Athletes, as the name suggests will focus on the sports side of things, using theor knowledge of their body's along with the expertise of a physiotherapist to devise a training programme designed specifically for that athletes physiological make-up.
Clincal exercise physiology is based around treatment and prevention to do with disease. Osteoporosis would be a good example of when clinical exercise physiology would be of benefit to the patient.

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