Physio Hub/ Physiotherapy Following Knee Replacement Surgery

28/03/22 - 2 min read

Physiotherapy Following Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery or Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) is a very common orthopaedic surgery that is effective in reducing knee pain and improving your quality of life.

You can expect to be discharged from the hospital within 4 days to 1 week after your surgery, providing that your mobility is progressing well, walking with a frame or stick and walking up and down steps. Usually when you are discharged from hospital you should have 0-90 degrees of motion in your knee and enough strength in your hips and thighs to lift your leg off the bed while keeping it straight. From the time you leave the hospital to 6 weeks post-op, you should carry out an exercise program and liaise with a physiotherapist regarding your mobility, strength, balance and the exercise progressions necessary to return to full function. By 6 months post-op you should be completely pain free and walking without a limp. You should have 120 degrees of knee bend and be back carrying out the activities you love whether that be a round of golf or dancing, swimming or dancing.

At Physio Hub we have lots of experience in dealing with rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery, particularly total knee replacements. If you are suffering from knee pain and would like some advice on the best management plan, or if you have just had surgery on your knee, give us a call to make an appointment where we can complete a comprehensive assessment and support you in making the best decision to manage your pain and return to optimal function.