First Visit

First Visit

When you book an appointment with us you will receive a reminder email and you’ll be asked to fill out a medical history form. The purpose of this form is so that our physiotherapists have the chance to read over your injury before you arrive into the clinic.

Once you have arrived in the medical centre, just check-in at reception and our physiotherapist will be out to meet you. In our newly furnished treatment room, our physiotherapist will get to know you a little bit better, they will take a thorough medical history and try to get a better understanding of your injury. Next we will carry out a physical assessment and we will get a diagnosis of exactly what is causing your pain and limitation. We will determine which structure is casuing the issue and what other factors could be contributing to this. Our physiotherapsist may perform some movement tests with you, assess your posture and techniquein some functional tasks such as squat We will discuss how long it will take to get better, lay out the steps involved in this process and decide on what your ultimate goal from physiotherapy is. Perhaps that’s walking the dog pain free, putting on your socks in the morning without an ache in your back or returning to a full round of golf pain free.

Your physiotherapist will then decide what the best treatment is for you. We provide everything from massage therapy and dry needling to pilates-based exercise therapy and movement re-education, to mobilisations, taping and much more.

Tying up your first session, your physiotherapist will revise their assessment findings and your diagnosis. They will detail your rehabilitation plan and advise you of what exactly you have to do to from your initial visit to your second appointment with us. You will receive an email with your home exercise program included and a reminder for your next appointment.

If you feel like this is the clinic for you, you can call us on 015253440 or book online at