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31/03/22 - 2 min read

Cancer Treatment in Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation following breast cancer treatment is essential for the best recovery outcomes as surgery and radiotherapy can cause a lot of muscle tightness and pain around the wound, creating stiffness in the chest, shoulder and neck. You may experience difficulty lifting your arm over head, putting on your bra or even taking a deep breath. Physiotherapy is often necessary to fully recover from these procedures. We receive referrals from G.P.s and consultants but you can just book an appointment as you do not need a referral to attend for treatment.

Aerobic exercise such as walking, cycling, or swimming, has been shown to decrease cancer-related fatigue, improve quality of life, reduce cognitive impairments associated with various cancer therapies, improve cardiovascular outcomes, and improve sleep dysfunction.

Our physiotherapists are trained to deal with all aspects of physiotherapy for cancer rehabilitation. Between the use of gentle massage techniques, exercise therapy and advice we will help you to regain pain free movement and function, making a full recovery.

Physiotherapy can help to:
- Prevent swelling in the arm and hand
- Improve shoulder and neck range of movement
- Reduce hypersensitivity and tenderness around the scar
- Regain full strength and function of your arm
- Reduce chest and upper back pain and stiffness
- Give you a better understanding of your symptoms through education